Lake Livingston Epoxy Countertops, why choose us?

For starters our background is in home renovation. So we know how to make your home look new and beautiful again. We have shifted our focus from renovating homes to specializing in applying epoxy to surfaces. Our main focus is on countertops, tables and floors. We deliver new and restored surfaces to our customers countertops, tables and floors, etc.

Why epoxy countertops?

Well its durable, it looks amazing, it can be made in any color you choose, its versatile, it cost less than natural stone. Our countertops are food safe, hard as rock and provide non-porous surfaces that will not attract bacteria or microorganisms, and are resistant to staining, much easier to clean and are a pleasure to eat on.

Epoxy is durable:

We know that your countertops and tables must withstand daily use from cooking, eating, cleaning and other things. We use epoxy because its hard, durable, scratch resistant, heat resistant, and an all around tough product for your countertops, back splash, vanities, tables, desks, bar tops, floors, showers, art work, etc.

Epoxy countertops can have unlimited colors:

It can be made to look like natural stone such as marble, granite, quartz, concrete, and yes even wood. Oh and we are not limited to the colors that nature provides us. We can use any colors that you want. So what colors do you prefer for your countertops?

Epoxy is versatile:

We can apply epoxy over formica, laminate, granite, concrete, plywood, mdf, particle board, solid wood, tile, etc.. We can design a rounded edge, a rough stone cut edge, and ogee edge, etc for your countertops.

Epoxy countertops is what we do:

For countertops we will replace rotten wood and soft surfaces prior to doing any epoxy work. If you have damaged drywall due to water we will repair it prior to our epoxy work. If your property needs repair work we charge based on the amount of work to be accomplished. We will provide you a quote after reviewing the damaged areas. Our repair charges are very reasonable give us a try.

Our Guarantee:

Yes, we guarantee that you will be delighted with your countertop. If your epoxy countertop fails within the first year we will replace it at no cost to you.

Epoxy costs:

Natural stone cost about twice as much as our epoxy based countertops. So instead of a countertop costing you $1500 it could cost you around $800 or so.

OK lets get this out of the way. Everyone wants to know what we do and what we charge for their epoxy countertops and tables.
We charge $35 per square foot to epoxy tables and countertops. Most countertops are 2 foot deep by some fixed length. So to get an idea of the cost simply measure your countertop length and multiply by 2 to get the square footage. Multiply the total square footage by the $35 and you’ll get a rough idea of the cost for your epoxy countertops.

Please contact us if you have damage to or are in need of an updated countertop or table. We have the expertise to make your surfaces beautiful and new again. Let’s Chat Now.