Training Class: Wood and Epoxy Training

Our epoxy training classes are just one in our suite of training classes. Our training classes are hands on, you can learn everything from safe proper tool usage all the way through our applied epoxy training class. If you are new to woodworking, CNC or epoxy; these courses are perfect for you. Are you wanting to operate a CNC machine? We have one in our shop and will be happy to train you on it. Listed below are our training classes.

Come join us, learn a lot and have some fun.

Our Training Classes Include

Safety Training Class:

  • This is a one hour mandatory class
  • Learn safe and proper usage of hand and power tools.
  • In this class we teach you how to properly use our various tools and machines.
  • Learn what to watch out for and how to be safe. You can’t be in our shop without this class under your belt.
    So that we can make sure you know how to be safe; a minimum of 90% must be obtained in the Safety Class.

Design Training Class:

  • We believe that to be successful with your project it needs to be designed first. So we teach you how to design it using software.
  • This is a beginners course in Autodesk Fusion 360 Design Software (free software use).

CNC Training Class:

  • Learn what a CNC machine is and how to use it.
  • Study the best CNC practices and caution areas.
  • Learn the basics of programming, setup and operation of your project on a CNC machine.

Wood Selection Class:

  • Learn what a Janka chart is and why you should use one.
  • Learn about some of the various wood species in our area.
  • Learn why some woods are better for some projects than others.

Finish Class:

  • Learn how to properly sand your project.
  • We look at various wood species and how stain affects their coloring in order to get the desired coloring.
  • We look at mixing finishes so you can obtain the colors of stain that you want.
  • Learn how to make the best choice for finishes.
  • We cover stains, shellacs and polyurethanes and how to apply them so that you end up with beautiful results.

Epoxy Training Class:

  • Learn the pro tips and best rules for mixing and applying epoxy.
  • Learn how to color epoxy.
  • Learn how we create affects.
  • Learn how we use mica powders so we get get different looks.
  • Learn how we create special edges such as a stone cut edge, or a rounded edge.

Custom Class:

  • During this class you start and finish a project of your choice.
  • We provide as much or as little assistance as you need so you’ll feel comfortable in our shop.
  • Don’t have a project in mind, no problem let us help you with ideas from our shop.

Come, join us, use our tools, get trained and have a fun learning experience.

Our shop is small but mighty. We have a Grizzly bandsaw, a Grizzly Jointer & Planer, a table saw, a double sliding compound miter saw, two routers, a CNC machine, clamps and a few hand tools to name just a few of our shop tools.

Our training fee is $33 per hour. The fee covers some of the materials depending on your project. We can discuss this when you sign up for your first class.

Contact us today so you can get into our next class.